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Being an Inclusive and Supportive Parent, Provider, and Teacher for Neurodivergent Children / Understanding Autism and ADHD Under the Neurodiversity Paradigm

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What is the Neurodiversity Paradigm? How does the Neurodiversity Paradigm inform us as parents, teachers, providers and allies to the neurodivergent? The intent of this book is to answer just that, focusing specifically on the autistic and ADHD neurotypes. 
  • 28 pages of content
  • 14 topics covered 
  • Tangible recommendations and support
  • Mobile device friendly
  • PDF Format
  • Designed for high quality printing in both color and black-and-white
Topics Include: 
  1. What is the Neurodiversity Paradigm? 
  2. Vocabulary Changes
  3. Sensory Processing
  4. Stimming
  5. Masking
  6. Social Skills
  7. Language, Speech, and Communication
  8. Executive Functions
  9. Praxis and Motor-Planning
  10. Play Styles
  11. Hyperfocus, Hyperfixation, and Special Interests
  12. Presumed Competence
  13. Body Autonomy
  14. Compliance-Based Programs
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